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'The Lookout' Our Sixth Form Provision

The Red Kite Lookout


The Key Stage 4 and 5 provision within the Red Kite Lookout caters for learners with primary diagnosis of profound and multiple learning difficulties or severe learning disabilities (SLD / PMLD), autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and Higher Functioning Autism (HFA). The school will admit any pupil where it is named in the Local Authority (LA) Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). At present Red Kite does not however consider applications for Post 16 spaces external to the school.


At Red Kite we believe that education should make a positive difference to the lives of each of our learners now and in the future, and that is why we acknowledge that in order to support this, we must provide different pathways to adulthood, from secondary education to adult life. The Red Kite Lookout is set on the same grounds as the Red Kite’s primary (R, Key Stage 1 - 2) and secondary (Key Stage 3) classes however, The Lookout is in a new bespoke building. The new building is adjacent to the main building in order to offer transitions to adulthood, in every sense of the term, including physicality. 


In the  Red KiteLookout we offer 4 distinct pathways:


Pathway 1 (Owls) is suitable for pupils who are working in our semi-formal curriculum. This is usually individuals with profound and complex needs relating to their diagnosis/disabilities. Individuals on pathway 1 may be non-verbal and may benefit from a sensory based multi-directional curriculum. Individuals on this pathway may require a high level of support with their engagement, in meeting their care and medical needs.


Pathway 2 (Kestrels) is suitable for pupils who are working at very early stages of formal curriculum, pre-entry. Individuals may have complex needs that are supported by systems, strategies and interventions. Pupils on this pathway may require a high level of direction and support, although will be working towards individualised independence.


 Pathway 3 (Falcons) is suitable for pupils who are working at a more formal level, typically at entry level 1 - 3. Pupils on this pathway will be working towards independence although will still require some level of support.


Pathway 4 (Eagles) is suitable for pupils who are working at a formal level, typically at levels 1 - 2 (GCSE). Pupils on this pathway may require more support with their emotional well-being, independence and functional skills, communication and social interactions, than with their cognitive abilities and understanding.