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Term 1: Sept to Christmas

Foxes - ASDAN (Make a cup of tea)

  • Logical sequencing
  • Decisions...Milk/sugar?
  • Evaluating the outcome

Foxes - English lessons

  • Bias and opinion questions
  • Dictionary skills
  • GCSE English
  • Non Fiction texts

Foxes - Speech and language interventions

  • Improving pronunciation, pitch and pace
  • Improving listening skills
  • Practising with peers or 1:1 with a teacher

Foxes - Parachute fun for E-safety lessons

  • Answering questions about own use of IT equipment
  • Recording results
  • Analysing data
  • Lessons learned
  • Ways forward

Foxes - Art Lessons

  • Drawing in perspective - Architecture 
  • Geometric decorations - Maths theme
  • Hand art - Corridor display

Foxes - Maths

  • Revising numbers, sequences and patterns
  • Square and cubed numbers
  • Calculator skills
  • Algebra
  • Mastery of times tables

Foxes - Maths lessons using Numicon and Cuisinaire

  • Symmetry
  • Times Tables
  • Rotation, reflections and translations

Foxes - Cookery

  • Foxes boys love to cook
  • Foxes do the school catering for our visitors
  • Foxes are planning an Enterprise project to make staff lunches on Fridays in this space!