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Summer Term


Daisies went on their first class trip! We finished our scrap books of our adventures in London and walked to the local postbox to post them! We stopped to listen and look for the birds, said hello to people in the local community and some of us even had a nap! We pushed our letters into the postbox independently and even got back to school in time for lunch!


It has been SO good to be back in the swimming pool! For some of us, it has been the first time we've been in the pool at Red Kite! We have all made the most amazing progress this term. Sophie is incredibly, incredibly proud of how much our independence has developed and our purposeful movements. Swimming is so much fun!


We put our culinary skills to the test and made jam tarts, we know the Queen of Hearts enjoys these! We practiced making purposeful movements in a range of different ways. The results were delicious! 


Continuing our theme of royalty and what they like to eat, we explored the elements of a roast dinner. We focused on communication; expressing our likes and dislikes. We also developed our vocabulary by describing what each item looked, felt and tasted like.


We explored what royals might like to drink. What is more British than a cuppa?! We made cups of tea and even practice dunking a biscuit in it! As you can see, this was definitely a hit!


We have been developing our early learning skills, using mirrors and visuals to explore our facial features. We even made our own faces using mirrors. We all look great! 


We went on a bus tour of London! We saw so many things including Big Ben, Nelson's Column, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and much more! We rode on the top of a double decker bus and even made our own! We created a scrapbook of all the things we saw, and even designed our own stamps!


As part of our learning, we have been exploring where Kings and Queens live - castles! We made our own messy castles using a range of materials. We felt the different textures, moved our hands and fingers to make our creations and expanded our vocabulary through play. We also explored different dry materials that may be used to make castles, and developed our vocabulary further. It was great fun!


We had a very special visit at school today. We had 5 little lambs come to see us! We fed them milk from bottles, touched their fuzzy fur and watched them move. It was very exciting!


To start our royal journey of learning, we looked at what the royals like to eat. We thought sandwiches were a good place to start! We used our independence to hold and move the knife to spread, and our communication skills to choose the contents. 


This term we are learning all about Kings, Queens and Castles. We explored shiny, gold crowns and even made our own! We also practiced following instructions and putting the crowns in different positions on our body and around the room.