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Summer Term

We had some very special visitors to Red Kite - some lovely lambs! Field Mice class had the privilege of going to visit the lambs and luckily the sun was shining nicely for us too. All of the children loved seeing the lambs, we got to pet them and some even had the joy of bottle feeding them too. 

Our focus this term has been on picnics to prepare Field Mice class for a special picnic treat and also to practice preparing different picnic items. In this task, Field Mice children were practicing how to prepare for a picnic by making up sandwiches and drinks. They really enjoyed this task, especially choosing their own sandwich fillings and getting to eat them at the end.

Science Experiments

For a few of our science lessons in Field Mice, we were focusing on different forces such as push vs pull and gravity. This included doing different science experiments such as making paper aeroplanes and helicopters and thinking about what forces were involved to make them move. Field Mice children really enjoyed these experiments!

Marshmallow Towers

For one of our DT lessons, Field Mice class were making Marshmallow Towers using sticks. They had to problem solve together in order to figure out what they could do to make their towers taller, stronger, sturdier and able to survive an 'earthquake'. They were also able to come up with different suggestions about what they could use next time to make their towers even better.

This term in numeracy, some of our focus has been on block graphs. We have been collecting different types of data which Field Mice children have really enjoyed, including collecting data about their friends' eye colours, favourite ice cream flavour and favourite picnic items (also in preparation for our picnic this term). Field Mice class were able to understand the concept of block graphs and that each section required different colour block(s). 

Social Situations

For our PSHE and functional skills lessons this term, we have been focusing on our social skills, including good manners, being kind to others and good conversational skills. For this lesson, Field Mice class focused on using good social skills in a role play situation which  required them to request an item e.g. food in a restaurant. This included asking politely if they needed to request something, using 'please' and 'thank you' and saying 'no thank you' in a polite manner if they didn't want something they were offered. After this, Field Mice children completed a task to practice conversational skills.

Throughout Term 5, Field Mice class have been planning and preparing for our Teddy Bear Picnic. This included learning how to prepare food for a picnic, the right items that they would need to bring to a picnic and finally writing invites to their teddy bears to come along to the picnic. On the day, Field Mice class prepared their picnic food, laid down picnic blankets and sat down with their teddy bears to enjoy a nice teddy bear picnic. Field Mice thoroughly enjoyed this!

Field Mice have been focusing on guided reading in Terms 4 and 5. This has been really beneficial for Field Mice class as they are able to work together on their reading focus, help each other out with sounding out words and also feeling an achievement when they have completed the book together.