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Spring Term

The Lookout students have been learning about road safety, staying safe in the community and recognising feelings and emotions during this term to ensure that our young adults have the skills and understanding to help prepare them for adulthood. 



Kestrels Class 

During this term Kestrels have been learning all about telling the time! The class have been learning how to tell the time using both digital and analogue clocks. The students have been using their time telling skills to explore times that are important to them, during their daily or weekly schedules. 


Falcons Class

During this term Falcons have been using their computer skills, to research and write up some wonderful holiday destination information. Linking their reading and writing skills into their project work. 


Eagles Class

During this term the Eagles class have stretched their understanding of business and finance, by working together to develop a business plan, which they will deliver to our school leaders at the end of term for feedback. 


Our young learners take part in a termly enterprise project in which they work together within their mini business's, combining all of their skills and learning to create products to sell to our school community. This is an excellent opportunity for our young adults to explore possible interests for their futures and bring to life some of their own ideas. 


We celebrate the end of term with a themed lunch experience. Our themes this term were Valentines, and Alice in Wonderland. The students arrived to school on the last day of term to find the Chill zone, (the sixth form kitchen) beautifully decorated to create a 'one love' and a  'magical wonderland' feeling. Our young adults are often eagerly looking for their name place cards and their themed favours. The students enjoy this every term.