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Pre Recorded Sensory Story

Different sensory elements:

Part 1 - have a bag and pack different clothes in it. You can choose different textures/weights/ types of clothing or just use coloured scarves if you want! 
I can explore materials of different size/length/weight/colour 
I can reach to put items in a bag/ take items out of a bag. 

Part 2- Italy - flour- put some flour on a tray and use hands/feet/arms/legs to explore it! Depending on young person position you might want to sprinkle it from above or clap it together to make a cloud, its up to you how messy you want to get! 
I can use different exploratory actions to explore flour. 
I can indicate like/ dislike through body language or via AAC

Part 3- France - chickens- feel the feathers on different body parts, you might want to do short tickles or long strokes across the body. Feel free to use a real egg for this bit if you want too! 
I can respond to a soft touch on different body parts. 
I can indicate more or finished. 
I can show an awareness of the body part being touched (look towards, flexing or moving limb)  

Part 4 - Sri Lanka- cinnamon - smell the cinnamon sticks!
I can show through body language/ facial expression/ AAC a like or dislike of a smell. 
I can lean towards or away from a smell. 

Part 5 - England - milk - squeeze your wet sponge using your hands or forearm! If you want to you can use milk! 
I can squeeze an item for a short period of time.
Part 6 - Jamaica - salt and sugar- you can either explore the rougher texture of this compared to the flour or have a tiny tiny taste of each. 
I can move my fingers/ toes in salt/ sugar. 
I can indicate like/ dislike of a taste. 

Part 7- Apples - have a taste or smell of your apple bake! If you want to you could use a real apple! 
I can indicate like/ dislike of a taste. 

Different sensory elements:

Part 1 - teddy, make him pop up from different places and see if young person notices him/her! Works best with a motivating teddy or a noisy teddy and feel his fur! 

I can notice a teddy when it appears in my visual field 
I can reach out to hold teddy, bring it closer/further away
I can use different actions/ movements to explore a texture (soft)

Part 2- any horse trotting sounds on a device, play pause and see if young person turns towards sound source, if you have recordable buttons at home then record a horse sound on them and see if young person can press to activate the sound! Then you have hay/straw to feel and smell and move around too!

I can recognise when a sound source is played/ show a response to it
I can turn towards a sound source
I can activate my own sound source

Part 3- water spray - say ready 1,2,3 then spray to cue young person in, you can also use an ocean drum if you have one or something like rice in a plastic bottle to get a ocean sound of waves. 
I can anticipate something is about to happen
I can indicate through my body language/ vocalisations enjoyment/ dislike
I can make a movement so a sound happens

Part 4- I have been using smoky tea to smell but equally you can just listen to the train sound on your device. If you have a noisy train toy as well then use that! 

I can move towards or away from a smell that I like/dislike
(Sound responses same as part 2)

Part 5- Hide your plane toy in cotton balls (or any material or even under a blanket and encourage young person to pull away to reveal the plane!) 

I can use exploratory movements to find a plane. 
I can respond to a difference in material (hard/ soft)
I can grasp/ release the plane
I know an item has been hidden from me when I've watched it be hidden

Part 6- foil blanket to be the rocket, can place over and around the young person and any movement they make will make a rustling sound! If you have sensory lights which young person can change the colour of then do that, if not any colour changing light/ torch, or even shining regular torch onto the foil blanket will be fine! 

I can make a movement so a sound happens 
I can move item closer/ further away (or myself eg head movement) if I like/dislike it

I can visually locate/ track a flashing light source