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Pre recorded Communication

Hello everyone!

I will upload the communication videos each week. They are about twenty minutes long but I think with me being paused and allowing time for your child to respond they will be thirty minutes. I apologise for in advance for my poor webcam quality!! 


You will need: 
-Numbers and rhymes (in your communication pack)
-Communication board for 'What's in the box?' (not everyone will need this but its in the packs) 

-Two toys which are the same type but different in size, and then a third different toy. 
-Then two sets of cups/spoons/boxes/toy cars/candles (literally anything) that are different sizes. I am using teddies, dolly, cups and spoons in the video but you can do the same concept with anything. *I have added in objects of different colours for video 2, a bag and a basket for video 3 and doing different actions in video 4, but you can stick with size if you want to its just so you can get different ideas!


We will be doing the same activities each week with slight differences. This is so it allows the child to move from doing something with support (eg saying it twice, using signs or symbols, physical prompting etc) to doing something independently and with confidence.