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SNOW Update 24th January 2021

24th January 2021



Re: School Snow Closures


Dear Parents

As the snowy weather has approached, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the factors I have to consider when a decision to close the school is made. I always endeavour to keep our school open but as I am sure you can appreciate, meeting the needs of our children is of paramount importance. In the first instance I have to decide whether or not it is appropriate to close the school during severe weather based on the “inability of staff or students to attend school safely” and I also need to ascertain which staff are in so that all medical needs are met safely too.

When I make the tough decision to close the school it is also based on the “ability of staff to supervise students.”  I have to make this decision based on the weather conditions I can either see for myself in Corby and then make a “judgement call” based on the weather conditions that staff around the school site also report to me. I also have to consider my current staff availability i.e. staff who have managed to make the journey into School.  On any day staff notify me directly via my work mobile phone before 7.30 am if they are unable to attend work.

Trust me; it is never an easy decision to make and I appreciate the support and understanding my team and I continue to have from the parents of children who attend Red Kite Special Academy.

To ensure all stakeholders are informed of my decision to close, in a timely manner I need to notify my Receptionist Natalie of my decision ideally before 7.15am to allow her to:

Send a “Text to Parents” – by 7.20am

Place a notice on the School Website –by 7.25am

Bus companies are notified via email – standard email sent by Jodie Evans our Transport Lead by 7.25

Notify via email Kingswood Catering Services for our students & staff 

Notify the Local Authority 

So as you can see, this whole process can take some time and “technology” needs to also be on our side!

Finally I hope this clarifies any queries or questions you may have in relation to School Closures here at Red Kite.  If not, please do not hesitate to contact the school for more information.

 Yours sincerely

Donna Luck