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Latest Lockdown Information 1st November 2020

November 1st 2020

Dear Parents, carers and families

I hope that you have all had a happy half term break and managed to have some time together as families. There at least have been some dry days that have hopefully allowed you to get out and about.

On Saturday we received the announcement of a second national lockdown for our country with some differences to the previous lockdown.

I hope that the following will help you:


Does my child HAVE to attend school?

The Government states that all children should be attending school, we know, however, that for many of our children this will not be possible due to their vulnerable presentations. If your child has been shielding or has underlying health issues, then you must make the decision that is right for you and your child/children at this time to keep yourselves all safe, protected and well. 

Should you chose to not send your child to school during this next 4 week lockdown then you must let the school know as soon as possible; we will then arrange for work/activities to be provided for you and you will receive a weekly welfare call.

The government states that medical guidance indicates that children are at a much lower risk of contracting Covid-19 and becoming severely ill from it but we have to think about our entire school community and this includes our staff too. We have many precautionary and safe measures put into place in school and we will continue to be proactive and vigilant in our approach. This next few weeks may well be extremely frustrating for us all as cases continue to grow; I may not have the staff to be able to open some classes safely and I ask for your continued support in the tough decisions I have to make.

What if my child is unwell?

If ANY child is unwell, has a temperature, persistent cough, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, chest pains, please DO NOT bring them to school. Get a test and isolate (and the family also) following Government guidelines.




You should not bring your child into school if they are displaying ANY of the above symptoms and should follow the advice above.



What does my child need to bring into school and what are they allowed to bring into school?

 Children are advised to bring in a water bottle (filled) with their name on.

PE Kits should be brought in on the first day and remain in school.

Pencil cases ARE NOT NEEDED as classes are provided with a ‘learning pack’ for each child as appropriate.

Please do not bring anything extra into school.


Where will my child eat and what?

All children will eat in the school Hall on a rota basis with equipment (chairs and tables) being cleaned in between.

Children will clean their hands before and after eating.

We are encouraging children to have school lunches so that we can reduce what is brought in and out of school. If you bring a packed lunch, please can you bring in a plastic bag so that everything can be thrown away IN school after children have eaten.


What is school doing to keep my child safe in school?

We have sanitising stations in school at all of the main entrances. ALL children, and adults, are to wash their hands on entering school, before and after eating.

Regular hand washing will be taking place for ALL. 

Each class has a hygiene box with cleaning equipment and all surfaces and class spaces will be frequently wiped down.

All staff have hygiene bum bags.

We operate a one way system when walking in the corridors.

The Cleaning company we use will be thoroughly cleaning classes and the shared spaces each afternoon after school.


Can my child wear a face mask?

Advice is that Primary aged children DO NOT need to wear face masks. If you wish your child to wear a face mask coming to and from school, we ask that you take the mask with you when you drop them off and give it back to them when you collect them. Removing it and replacing it safely.

Face Masks do NOT need to be worn by children in school but many of our secondary students are choosing to wear them. All staff will continue to wear them.


What will happen if there is a case of Covid in school?

If there is a confirmed case which means the whole school or groups of children have to remain at home, we will be providing ‘Home Learning’ as we did from March to July this year. This work will be online (or if you cannot access it, in paper format). The work will be purposeful and reflect what is being taught in class.

As always we aim to be act quickly and sensibly to any knowledge that there is a confirmed case. The way as families you have supported us prior to the half term was incredible! We absolutely hate having to close, it is the worst decision that I ever have to keep making, but I will NOT put anyone at risk and would rather take the cautious and proactive response to keep everyone as safe as possible.


What happens if there is a suspected case of Covid-19 in school?


If a child (or adult) presents as having symptoms of Covid -19 in school, they will be immediately isolated and in the case of children, parents called immediately. A member of staff will sit with them in the Isolation Room until they are collected.



If a child, or adult, in school are tested positively for Covid-19, they must follow medical guidance given to them, and the rest of their family and NOT return to school until they have a negative test.

In cases where a child, or adult, in school tests positive, and has mixed with others, Public Health England guidance will be followed, and parents informed of next steps.


I am sure this list is not complete, you might have other questions or concerns, if you do, please get in touch. This list and information may also change as things continuously change.

We all need to remember that we are all in this together, as one team, one school family, supporting each other, working with each other and caring for each other. The heart of our school is kindness, patience and compassion.


Please remember, the safety of YOUR children and OUR staff comes first. Please take care and please continue to stay safe.

Thank you as always for your continuous support, care and helpfulness, especially in recent months.


With kind regards,

Donna Luck

Head Teacher