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Important Information regarding school reopening 25.08.2020

August 25th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and families

Re: Reopening of School to all children in September 2020

Thank you once again for all of your support through this most unprecedented and challenging time. We are really looking forward to reopening and to welcoming our children and young people back to Red Kite!

I am sure that you will be aware through the media and Government announcements that schools will be reopening to all pupils from September 2020.

We continue to update our school’s dynamic risk assessment to reflect the changes and, as part of the risk assessment we are required to continue to address health and safety concerns and reduce risks for our children, young people, staff and families.

With this in mind we ask that you kindly read and take note of the following;

Thursday September 3rd 2020 – the following classes are to return to school; The Look Out, Foxes, Wolves, Squirrels, Badgers, Weasels, Field Mice and Hedgehogs.

Friday September 4th – as above and in addition Snowdrops, Bluebells, Daffodils, Poppies, Cornflowers and Daisies.

We ask that all of our new Reception aged children begin school on Monday 7th September.

The school day will operate following the usual times. Children should enter the school via their usual entrances.

This gradual return will allow us to be able to ensure that our systems are robust and meet the needs of our community.

The following is for your information.

Social Distancing

We know that this is almost impossible for our children but we do plan that the children will operate within their class ‘bubbles’ for as much of the day as possible. They will share outside spaces with a small number of classes and will have access to their usual allocated toilets and hygiene rooms. We aim that all walking around school is kept to a minimum and children and staff will be asked to walk on the left of the corridor. Certain parts of the school will only be accessible to individual classes. Swimming will not operate through September whilst we begin to establish new working procedures across the whole school. 


This is of paramount importance to us and we are blessed with a really good cleaning company who have worked hard to support our school to be the safest and cleanest it can be! The whole school has been deep cleaned through to the summer and will continue to be cleaned every evening using the recommended products. Some areas of the school will continue to receive a deep clean as is needed. All classes and spaces around the school have been allocated a hygiene box and every day one member of the class team will be allocated the role of ‘hygiene lead’ to ensure that surfaces and handles etc are wiped down on a regular basis. All staff will be allocated their own hygiene bum bag which will contain hand sanitizer and tissues.

As we are all aware good hand hygiene is critical to reducing transmission rates of COVID -19. All areas of the school will have handwashing/sanitizing provisions. All staff will have access via their hygiene bags and toilets and all children will have access via their classroom sinks and toilets/hygiene rooms. We also have antibacterial wipes readily available for those children who are unable to wash their hands. There are a high number of appropriate visuals all around the school that promote healthy hand washing practices. All children/staff and visitors will be expected to hand sanitize before they enter the school using our sanitizing stations.


All children will need to bring a packed lunch as we will not be offering any hot meals until possibly after the October half term. If your child is in receipt of FSM then this will be provided by Kingswood Catering and delivered to the school for your child. Please contact Natalie if you need advice or guidance on this


We will continue to provide snack but this will be on a much smaller scale and will involve fruit and cereal bars etc as we are aiming to avoid any cross contamination of utensils etc. You may send in a drink in a named plastic bottle but this will be returned to you at the end of each school day for cleaning or replacing. We will be providing water throughout the day as appropriate.


Guidance on this matter is ever changing. All our staff will be wearing face masks for the first 2 weeks whilst we all return to work and school life; this is to aim to keep everyone safe. This will then be reviewed following guidance. The usual PPE will be worn for medical and intimate care interventions and will be worn in the handling of any food as per our food and hygiene practices. Our staff have all been wearing masks in school and are now used to this as our safe working practice.


Wherever possible and we know this may be a challenge, please dress your child in fresh uniform daily. We are not asking children to come to school in their PE kits on their PE days. Children will need to bring their PE kit into school as usual but these will be sent home every Friday for washing.


We are limiting visitors to the school to visitors who provide educational and wellbeing support for our children and will continue to host meetings virtually wherever possible. We have no teaching students or volunteers booked in until at least half term. All school events such as Family Learning Festival are currently postponed.

The Kettle

Whilst we love to see you we are unable to open the parent’s room at this stage. If you need to see one of the Family Support Team then please either call the school or email and we will arrange a meeting with you as quickly and safely as we can.



Pick up and Drop off

Please support us in avoiding overcrowding and respect social distancing. We have many clinically vulnerable children in our school and you should be mindful of this at all times. On arrival you should park in the bays at the front to the school. We will be operating a one way system and ALL cars will be required to enter the school gates and turn LEFT, follow the one way system and use the far roundabout. Once you have parked we ask that you put on your hazard lights and wait in the car for a member of staff to come to you and collect your child; wherever possible please remain in your car! If you need to drop off meds or speak to Sam then please keep your hazards on and Charlotte/Sam will come over to you! At the end of the day please remain in your car and we will bring your child out to you. We are asking here that you be patient with us; we have 120 children to get out to cars and buses; you may wish to make use of the flexible pick up and drop off times and find a time that is less busy for you at this stage we are not giving allocated time slots but will closely monitor the situation for safe access. (8.50-9.15 and 2.50-3.3.30). If you are walking and on foot we ask that you do not block the entrances and stand at least 1m apart. We are asking that no children are collected or dropped off from Reception unless this has been agreed with myself (Head Teacher)

Critically vulnerable children

It is likely that most of children will be returning to school fulltime but we know that for some of our children this will be impossible. Please do contact us to talk through any concerns that you have regarding your child and we will do our best to support you. 

COVID-19 symptoms

The school will continue to follow our planned procedures regarding any child or member of staff presenting with COVID -19 symptoms.  We will not be taking temperatures on arrival but we will do this regularly through the day if we have concerns about a child or member of staff. The school has an identified isolation room that we will use to immediately contain anyone presenting with symptoms and you will be called immediately to collect your child. Advice is that you should seek medical advice, self-isolate if advised and have a COVID -19 test, again if appropriate. You must inform the school of the outcome. 


The next few weeks will be challenging for us all, I am sure that if we all approach this with patience, kindness and compassion then we will get through it together.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all.

Stay safe and take care.

Donna Luck

Head Teacher