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Have a Happy Weekend... A message from the Head Teacher

Dear Parents/Carers and Families,

As the Head Teacher of Red Kite Special Academy I wants to share my thoughts with you at this

challenging time. I love my job, our children, staff and families and I know that as parents you always

want to do the best for your children.

So do what’s best for your child at this awful time! Go with your instinct to be Mummy’s, Daddy’s and

Carer’s. ONLY do home learning if your child wants to and is happy to engage. Give them, and

yourselves, space and time.

Play games, do Joe Wicks PE, take photos and keep an album and create memories; have a look at

what our school has sent out - give it a go if everyone wants to.

Read together and share books and stories, make up games, play board games and do silly role play.

Bake cakes and garden, do mini-make overs or wash the car – these are all learning opportunities so

do not stress that you aren’t teaching!

Our Teachers are naturally doing their job, getting information out to the children in their class to

help them to learn. But in real life, our teachers adapt, change, abandon, alter their plans about 1000

times a day. THAT is their skill. Don’t expect to do that in less than a week with your wonderful

children who see you as a parent not teacher.

Many, many children have gaps in learning over their school career and, just like us in adult life, they

find their way through.

Be kind. Be calm. Have fun and try to be as happy as you can with your families. We promise we will

carry on the teaching and learning when things get back to normal.

Take care all, have a restful, happy and safe weekend! Stay home and save lives.

Donna Luck

Head Teacher