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End of term, End of 2020.. A message from the Head Teacher

It all started so well didn’t it, 2020 was a new year, a new decade, 2020, a year we could do anything! That was until we started hearing more about the Corona Virus.

Over this year I have seen such care and generosity between people, more now than I’ve never seen before. It is just so lovely how we all have become, dare I say, ‘nicer’ to each other, the way we should always be as humans. People dropping shopping to the elderly, children writing letters to people in nursing homes, strangers saying hello as we jump out of each other’s way on the path.

I really hope we keep up this friendliness and care when this is all over. As a school we have always worked hard to support and care for each other with our key words of compassion, kindness and patience; I am so proud of our school community. Whilst there have been periods of closure and times when we have all felt that we cannot go on any longer, we have drawn on each other’s strengths and pulled together to get through. Our children and young people continue to do us all proud with their resilience and smiles and they keep us going through dark days! Despite the challenges of the year we have continued to achieve so much; we welcomed another 20 children and their families to Red Kite, we now have over 80 staff, we have created new sensory paths and walkways, outdoor sensory circuits and play areas as well as having outdoor gym equipment installed….and our new sixth form block will be ready by May! But above all this the school has remained a positive and happy place to be; lots of smiles and laughter and fun learning opportunities. We have used our time well; not only supporting children and families but all staff have undertaken much training and many are now committed to longer accredited courses. I cannot thank our staff team enough for their continued commitment to our school – they are amazing and I am lucky to work alongside them!

The world and our school remain ever hopeful that 2021 will be brighter, better and safer for us all. Have a wonderful Christmas break; make new memories and have a safe, happy and well 2021!

All the very best to you all, from us all!

Donna Luck

Head Teacher