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End of Feb Half Term Newsletter 12.02.2021

February 12th 2021


Dear Parents, Carers and Families,


We hope you are all well and you and your families are healthy.

Being a teacher and parent in lockdown is tough! You are all doing a great job and please keep up the great work. Your job is so important for your children and each moment you can give them is great. Read with your child, support their work, look at a Red Kite video together, play a game or bake a cake but most importantly ask how they are doing. All of these are vital. Keep up your amazing work.


Thank you for all of the lovely emails that we received that praise our staff – these are so needed during these challenging times.


We are so keen to have your children back at school; to hear the laughter, busy corridors and happy playtimes, but we know that this must be when the time is right. We have worked hard as a school and I want to thank the staff who have been fantastic in this period. We have adapted and structured the work we have provided and this is ongoing. We are offering live, recorded and paper lessons to meet the needs of all of our children. We know the pupils are in good hands and our weekly calls and online sessions bring a smile to our faces when we see or hear the children’s voices. The date of the 8th March is being discussed as a day when schools may reopen to more children; after the half term break I aim to have more information for you about this and I will keep you informed with as much notice as I possibly can. I know many people would like me to be able to give clarity on how things will be after half term and when schools will welcome back more students; unfortunately, I know nothing more than you and will be awaiting the Prime Minister’s announcements in the week of the 22nd February.


I also know there has been lots of speculation in the media about extended days and summer schools, but again, until information is provided by the government with clear information about expectations, funding and work force I am not able to provide any information. The academy has never previously received funding to offer summer holiday provision.


Half Term

We are closed for Half Term for the week of the 15th – 19th February and there will be no remote learning for this week.


Mental Health and Well-being

Everyone’s circumstances are different, we understand. The following may be of help to some of you.

Children's Mental Health Weekthese two resources are linked to Children's Mental Health week, offering tips and support:

Thursday 4th February was 'Time to Talk Day', aimed at supporting parents to talk to their children about mental health and tied into Children's Mental Health Week. This leaflet supports the initiative:


New Build

Work on our new Sixth Form provision starts on the 15th February. The building firm, Darwin, will be on site over half term securing their site and fencing off the area that they will be using. For this period of time some of the car park will be out of use and there will only be one way in and the same way out of the actual car park. Can I please ask that if you use the car park that you park sensibly, drive slowly and are respectful of letting people out as a priority. We will ensure that at busy times it is safely marshalled. The build should be completed on the 16th May 2021. I am sure that once we fully open then children will love seeing all of the cranes and building going on!


We may be ‘closed’ to a lot of children but we are with you in body and mind. If you need support or a chat we are here! Take care, stay safe and remember you are doing a great job.


Finally, Id like to finish with this..


We know that lots has changed, over the last year

We don't know what the normal is, but one day we will stand and cheer

For togetherness and being united and all that we have missed 

For all those time our grandparents cheeks went without being kissed

For all the birthdays that went without parties or celebration 

For all the amazing individuals that were selfless and an inspiration

For all the holidays cancelled and the destinations stayed bare

For all the key workers who kept going, just because they care

For us here at Redkite, we want to wish you well, stay safe, wrap up and we will see you soon, but only time will tell.


As written by Sophie B (HCA) and Michelle B (LSA)


Kind regards

Donna Luck

Head Teacher