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Covid-19 Update - April 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Families,

This update is a hard one for me to write as I am adopting a different tone to
that of my recent communications with you and this update comes from
myself, Bonnie (Deputy Head Teacher) and Sam (Parent Support Advisor).
With sadness the news over the weekend of the UK sadly hitting a terrible total
of over 10,000 deaths with many more predicted to come has really made
impact of the COVID -19 virus one that we know will not yet be going away.
As a Leadership Team for our school we firstly we want to stress that we are
desperate to reopen and return to normal but we know at this point we
cannot… there is just too much at risk. We are desperate to see all of our
children, to see all of our families and to just return to our Red Kite way of all
being together.
At this point in the evolving situation regarding the disastrous outbreak of
COVID-19 which has caused so much devastation, we feel it is necessary for us
to underline the importance of the messages that have been issued by the
Government, the DfE and Public Health England. In recent days the school
Senior Leadership Team have grown increasingly concerned with the sense of
growing frustration of our communities with our confinement and the pressure
that we have felt around building momentum to bring an early close to the
measures that have been implemented. The media continues to give us all
mixed messages but we feel that it is important to reiterate that we remain
closed and remain following advice to stay at home.
For the past three weeks we have all had to live with a restriction on our usual
routines to move, to work, to live and to engage in activities in what we are
now seeing as ‘luxuries’; we are missing the coming together and the support
we get from this.
The sacrifices that we have all made are crying out for an end to this but it is
crucial at this moment that we emphasise that we are, as yet, in the early
skirmishing stages of what may prove to be a lengthy war on this virus. The
three weeks have felt like an eternity for us all; lonely and never-ending.
However, we do believe that we have achieved a comradery together and have
built on our solid Red Kite community foundation that will continue to support
us as we move forwards. We have not reached the peak and the threat we

continue to face is immense. Now, and for the next several weeks we must be
more diligent than ever in managing our isolation and distance in order to
protect ourselves and our loved ones.
Our community knows vulnerability better than most, and your protective
instincts toward your children have already seen them overcome so many
obstacles and challenges. Now more than ever, we must act in the interests of
our children and loved ones, fortifying our lives to secure their safety.
This is no time for easing back, for letting up but rather is a time for building on
all we are doing; staying strong, staying in touch and staying together but
apart. You are, quite likely, worn down with managing the exuberance and
frustrated boredom of your children simultaneously with dealing with your
own fears and anxieties. However you must find the strength to persevere and
see this through.
Please forgive our ‘honest sense’ that we have taken here but I know you are
feeling our fear and anxiety as you protect your families and loved ones. We
are all terrified of what this could do to our community and we beseech you
to do everything possible to keep yourselves safe through the coming weeks
and maybe months. At Red Kite, in our work with children and adults alike, we
favour an approach in which we try to enable people to make their best
decisions, rather than directing or prescribing to them what they must do. On
this occasion I feel the message is too important to leave any ambiguity or

You are, each and every one of you, precious and loved. Stay safe, stay home.

Take care all,
All our love
Donna Luck, Bonnie Pawlusek and Samantha Wall