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In Squirrels class we have been looking at labels in Literacy. We looked at our faces in a mirror to see the different parts of our face. We had a board of prompts to help us name the different parts. We also had a visual board which we used to help us identify who was in our class and the features of our faces 
Once we found the features of our faces we then used playdough and other items to make our faces 


We have also been looking at instructions in Literacy this term. We used Multilink cubes to create a tower. To create this tower we had to follow the instructions that we created ourselves.    
We also followed instructions to help us wash our hands 
We followed verbal and written instructions to make playdough. Some of us were able to sequence the instructions for our peers to follow. 

Sharing Books

We love to share books in our free time in Squirrels class