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Autumn Term



Daisy Class had such a fun and well deserved end to the term. We started the week by meeting Santa's elves on his sleigh, and ended the week meeting Santa and a dancing Christmas tree! In between that we managed to make cards, gifts and various crafts, dress up, make a Christmas tree, decorate a Christmas tree and even have a McDonald's as a special treat! YUM!




As part of our learning about Halloween we enjoyed the Pip and Posy story 'Scary Monster.' In the story Posy explores the ingredients to make cakes and bakes them to create tasty treats! We thought this was a great idea! We got rather messy and had lots of fun!


We engaged all of our senses to learn about Bonfire Night!

  • We used ribbons to dance like fireworks to music
  • We used torches to create our own fireworks in the sensory room
  • We warmed our fingers by the 'fire' and then made our own bonfires using red, orange and yellow
  • We wrapped up warm in blankets and toasted marshmallows by the 'fire', this made our hands very sticky!
  • We mixed shaving foam and paint to make our own fireworks!




We had a great time celebrating Diwali! We made paint from different Indian spices and created our own mehndi patterns on a hand template. We even tasted the some of the different spices, by the end of the session we all hand yellow hands from the turmeric! Our classroom smelled wonderful for the rest of the week! 


We also enjoyed Bollywood dancing using colourful scarves, and then tried different foods to help us learn about how people celebrate. We tried: poppadoms, mango chutney, yellow rice and onion bhajis! Mmm...


In Daisy Class we love being creative, especially finding different ways to mark make and use our motor skills. We LOVED using frozen paint cubes to explore and make marks on the paper.


We engaged so many aspects of learning:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Colour work - communication and language skills
  • Sharing space with others
  • Developing relationships with others 
  • Understanding the world - engaging our Scientific skills to explore melting
  • Creative and imaginative skills
  • ...and so many more!


We enjoyed using our fine and gross motor skills to get messy! We went for a walk to collect grass and very enthusiastically created our own interpretations of grass using our hands, paintbrushes and feet. We then relaxed in the foot spa and used our communication skills to indicate when we wanted 'more' and when we had 'finished'. We loved the vibrations and the bubbles!



We've been using sensory stories and poems to support our learning across many areas. In particular we have been developing on our engagement, anticipation and curiosity skills. 


This term we have used sensory stories and poems to learn about:

  • A range of emotions and feelings
  • Going to the circus (including a taste session with some sweet and salty popcorn!)
  • A sensory approach to exploring the weather each morning (we all LOVE the water spray when it's raining!)


This term our topic has been the 'circus'. We have had so much fun learning about acrobats, lions, elephants, clowns and much, much more! 


We have been practicing our own circus skills, including: juggling, ball skills, jumping, balancing and hooping! Take a look!


Daisy Class is a busy place to be, it's full of a wide range of therapy based interventions and support. 


Some of the therapy fun we have had this term has been:

  • Social skills using the parachute
  • Sherborne movement therapy and sharing space with others
  • 1-1 interventions 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Cause and effect explorations - including switch work and the interactive screen 
  • Use of the resonance board to support intensive interactions 
  • Development or oral skills - including blowing glitter!
  • Overall communication development 


Daisy Class have been learning a clown song this term. We explored our facial features and body parts as part of our learning. We then made biscuit clown faces using lot of yummy treats! 


To celebrate World Heart Day we learned a song all about how special our hearts are. We listened to the sound of a heart beat and felt this tapped onto our body, we also spent time moving and dancing to get our hearts working. We spent quality time with our friends to show them our love; sharing the class space and also toys with our friends, even playing with them outside.


We then got our little hands busy, busy, busy to make special hearts! We ripped and tore tissue paper into strips and used our hands to scrunch them up into balls before choosing where to stick them. 



After the fun we had making biscuit clown faces, this week we made pizza clown faces! We explored lots of different vegetables, feeling the textures and sometimes the tastes, before assembling our masterpieces! 



In Daisy Class we take every opportunity to support the development of our fine motor skills. We enjoy doing this in lots of creative ways, this term some of our favourites have been:

  • Squashing sponges to leave marks 
  • Mark making lying on our tummy or on the wedge
  • Creating sensory cups using round objects and different textures
  • Squeezing bottles of paint to create pictures