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Autumn Term

Settling In Week

This is our first week back at school in September for the new school year. All of the children were excited to be back in class and ready to get stuck in. We completed a lot of fun activities this week to get the children settled back into school, including focusing on their feelings around being back and making friends with the new students in Field Mice class.

Making Family Portraits

In this activity, we focused on making our own family portraits. This helped the children to identify specific features of themselves and their family, including hair colour, eye colour and any other unique parts. We also practiced writing out the names of members of our families, such as 'mum' and 'dad'. 

Sensory Room

Once a week, we go to the sensory room to learn some literacy. This usually includes phonics and story telling with particular phonic sounds. The sensory room is very beneficial for the children's learning and they really enjoy this part of their week.

Functional and Life Skills - Sorting Laundry and Folding

This term we have been learning different functional and life skills, including sorting laundry into colours, putting dirty laundry into the washing machine and then sorting through and folding the laundry once it was clean. Field Mice class enjoyed learning this skill and were looking forward to putting it into use at home.

Following Instructions to Make Apple Bird Feeders

In Field Mice class, we have been learning to follow instructions correctly to gain a positive outcome. In this activity, we followed a set of instructions to make apple bird feeders, which was led by our Forest School teacher Terri. The children really enjoyed this activity and loved seeing their finished apple bird feeders outside in the forest school area with the birds around them. 

In these sessions, Field Mice learnt all about road safety. This included safe ways of using the roads, using zebra crossings in an appropriate and safe way and also the things we can do the keep ourselves out of danger when out in the streets and next to busy roads. The children loved using prompts such as hi-vis vests and crossing patrol signs as a way to help them learn. We also used bee-bot and a road play mat as visual prompts to help bee-bot use the crossings safely.

Forest School

Every Tuesday morning, we go out to Forest School with our Forest School teacher, Terri. We incorporate a numeracy or literacy lesson into this session and then the children have the opportunity to have free play time afterwards. This gives the children the opportunity to explore and be outside in nature. The children love going to Forest School and this is one of the highlights of their week. 

World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health day this year, Field Mice class dressed up in yellow and we had lots of fun and took part in different activities whilst talking and thinking about our emotions and our mental health. The children loved making props and having a photo booth and also enjoyed getting messy with yellow paint.

Story Telling

For our literacy sessions in Term 2, we were working on story telling. The children were able to use visual props such as puppets to help them remember key parts of the story which they really enjoyed. We looked at 'the three little pigs' and 'little red hen'. By the end of the sessions, the children were able to remember and recite back each story.

The Elves and The Shoe Maker

As part of our literacy lessons, Field Mice class were learning all about the story 'The Elves and The Shoemaker'. By the end of these sessions, the children were able to recite what happened in the story. The children really enjoyed having the opportunity to be shoe makers by making their own shoes, as seen in the photos. 

Shop Keeping

Field Mice class did a number of sessions around Shop Keeping. This included running their own little shop with a till to understand the concept of using money and buying items in a shop, playing shopping list games and other shop related activities. 

Big Picture Treat

Field Mice were rewarded with our big picture treat for working so hard throughout the term and getting lots of gold stars. As part of our big picture treat, the children all came together and voted for what they would like to do. They voted for an afternoon of McDonalds and sitting on the beanbags to watch a film. They chose to watch Gangsta Granny and loved it!

Field Mice class thoroughly enjoyed our last week of term before breaking up for the Christmas holidays which was filled with lots of fun Christmas activities. We had a class Christmas party in which we played lots of fun party games such as pass the parcel and ate lots of yummy party food. Throughout the week, we also listened, sang and danced to a lot of Christmas songs, decorated Christmas biscuits and we even had the pleasure to meet the Christmas elves and get some photos with them!